My Best Friend

by Roger Len Smith

Released 2001
Big Rock Entertainment
Released 2001
Big Rock Entertainment
Roger Len Smith's second album features twelve diverse songs sporting a variety of roots, groove and alt-rock delving into the deconstruction of the thrills and ills of love.
Roger Len Smith is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist living in Colorado. MY BEST FRIEND is a dynamic modern roots-rock record about the thrills and ills of love, released on Big Rock Entertainment. MY BEST FRIEND weaves through midtempo rockers, alt-country ballads, funk jams and power pop while investigating the complexities of love, forces both light and dark. MBF starts with the spacey, atmospheric wistfulness of "Up In The Heavens Today," followed by the whimsical powerpop of "Now You're The Enemy," the funk of "(I Got So) Deep With You," and eventually closes with the half-true "What She Really Wants To Do Is Ride Horses," a country song with a rock coda segueing into the emotional "Upside Down."

For this, Raj's second album following his debut, NATIONAL BOULEVARD (1997), assembled another talented cast for MY BEST FRIEND, which he produced with engineer/percussionist Jeff Gross. Guest musicians include Wallflower & Foo Fighters keyboard guru Rami Jaffee, drummer/percussionist Victor Bisetti (Los Lobos), drummers Joey Peters, Robert Jolly and Andrew Kamman, guitarists Ben Peeler, Ann Klein, Jim Mason and Patrick Milligan and vocalists Shawn Amos and Shannon McNally. Soaring lap steel guitars, shimmering keyboards, guitars, dobros and pulsing drums frame this group of twelve songs.

Since 1990, Raj has been a longtime bassist and collaborator for L.A.-based songwriters Phil Cody and Shawn Amos, and has performed and recorded with many artists including Mark Seliger, The Water Bunnies, Twelve Stories, Andy If, Five Easy Pieces and many others. Like his friend Cody, Raj hails from the Midwestern river town of Cincinnati, Ohio. Together they have toured the U.S. and Italy several times over. Raj has opened for such acts as The New Cars, Todd Rundgren, Barenaked Ladies, Warren Zevon, John Hammond, Carla Olsen and many more.


"MY BEST FRIEND is a gem that deserves attention. Raj is an artist of great talent, definite crossover appeal." --New Music Weekly

"Roots-Rock with substance and variety." --The Islander

"Subtle, smooth spirit-lifting rock." --Rockzillaworld

"An articulate wordsmith." --Relix Magazine

"MY BEST FRIEND is a diverse record that flaunts hooks, taste and soul." --High Bias

"A cross between Dylan, Zevon and Petty . . . crafty, knowing lyrics." --Music Connection

"Thoughtful lyrics and alluring melodies combined with soulful music." --Westside Life Magazine

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